Monday, September 18, 2006


My band is better than your band. Sing it!

So it seems that Andy Falcous and Jack William Egglestone of Mclusky fame have teamed up with Kelson Louis Tregurtha Mathias (what a name!) to form 'Future of the left'.

Between these guys and Jon Chapple's 'Shooting at unarmed men' there's plenty of stuff out there for anyone still mourning the death of Mclusky. The stage is also set for some "my band is better than your band" action. Having only heard a little of each, I can only say that I think Chapple and Co. are winning purely through having a slightly better name.

'Shooting at unarmed men' are also of particular interest for any fellow Melbournite fans of the Welsh trio out there as Chapple has essentially set up a Melbourne based 'franchise' of his band. With him playing with different lineup's whether he is in the Northern or Southern hemisphere. The Melbourne version consists of Chapple teaming up with 'The Cheats'.

Tracks from both projects can be heard at their respective MySpace presences:

Sing it!

Hello, most excellent! Write more! We love a good Australian music blog.

And is your caption a Nathan Barley reference???!??!
Wow! Someone's actually reading this? I feel all self conscious now.

...and yeah, it is a Nathan Barley reference!

Thanks heaps for commenting!
Anytime. I'll be around, fer sure. A privelege to be the first commenter!

Peace and f*cking. Believe.
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