Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Dan Kelly -> Neil Young -> Stephen Colbert

Some people may have seen this info in various sources already, but I only really heard Dan Kelly's new album recently. I won't bother you with a review of Paul Kelly's nephews latest offering, but will rather talk about one track off it: Drunk on Election Night.

Basically this track does a good job of tapping into the zeitgeist (I feel really swarmy using that word, but fuck it!) of many of our disillusionment and feelings of helplessness with those "cocksucking motherfuckers darkening our times". But don't take my word for it, just ask Neil Young. The track is currently sitting at 181 in his list of 'Songs of the times'. Now, who are you to disagree with Neil?

You can hear the song streaming on Neil Youngs site, here:
Drunk on Election Night - Dan Kelly & The Alpha Males

Neatly segwaying into more old news, Young appeared on the Colbert Report last month which was quite entertaining.

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