Thursday, September 21, 2006


Boys and Girls and Jeff Tweedy in America

A double dose of YouTube today. First of all the Hold Steady performing 'Stuck between stations', which is the first track on their upcoming album, Boys and Girls in America. It's been a long time since I've looked forward to an album as much as I am this one. October 3, mark it down!

Secondly, here is the trailer for "Sunken Treasure: Jeff Tweedy - Live in the Pacific Northwest". Taken during a recent tour this will apparently feature Tweedy playing Wilco, Loose Fur and even some Uncle Tupelo material. Music is his saviour and he was named by rock and roll.

...while Jay Bennett's fixing his van, he's waiting for a postcard.

Also, link me, biatch, please.
I actually think that was Jay Bennet in the hotdog suit.

You're link is up.
did someone send the tweedy thing to you? the pr girl sent it to me a while ago, i guess they've started targetting bloggers. but i asked for an interview and never heard back.
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