Saturday, August 19, 2006


Chips Ahoy! - The Hold Steady

I've been in love with the Hold Steady ever since i saw them live at the St. Jerome's Laneway festival here in Melbourne a few months back. Very soon after I devoured everything on both their debut, 'Almost killed me', and their follow-up, 'Separation Sunday'. Something about the combination of Craig Finn's whiney, almost peewee herman-esque narrative combined with the formidable rock backing really resonated with me.

I'm a big big fan of music that tells a story. You may argue that all music does this in some way but I like a song with characters, and a plot. Perhaps I should just read a book, but what book rocks as hard as the Hold Steady?

Anyway, to the topic at hand, Pitchfork is hosting an exclusive download of the first single from their upcoming album, Boys and Girls in America. I've been listening to this non-stop since I downloaded it earlier today and I suggest anyone reading this does the same.

War and Peace by Tolstoy, obviously.

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